NORSOK Z-015 verification: JB Electro launching JB CAMMS Z-015

November 10, 2019

“JB Cloud-based Asset Maintenance Management System”, Z-015 Module.

The NORSOK Z-015 module is developed on the JB cloud platform, a 100% cloud-based asset maintenance system – developed by the user for the user.

Main intention to simplify the work-flow and give an even better service for our customers, by handling our NORSOK Z-015 services in the cloud.

Use a PC, smartphone or tablet to perform the Z-015 checklist and/or yearly control scheme – in addition to Declaration of Conformity etc. Main focus have been easy user-friendly intuitive human interfacing – and no special software or apps. No particular software knowledge is needed, operate directly in the cloud with a standard web-browser. For performing the tasks offshore, we have a tablet for use in hazardous area – for wifi or even 4G connection.

All based on latest revision, NORSOK Z-015:2019 launched in October 2019. All checklist and declarations will be automatically updated according to current version at Standard Norge.

Our contribution is a small, still useful, step direction digitalization.