Intralogistics software

With a simple and intuitive interface, intralogistics software EZLogistics increase yard efficiency, control, and provide statistics to improve all levels of operations.

Digitization of Intralogistics.

EZLogistics is the best possible communication between humans and machines.


  • Create an order in a few seconds
  • Yard Efficiency and Control
  • Tablets and handheld devices
  • Highly intuitive interface
  • Reduce forklift fleet for AMO with forklifts
  • Costs significantly reduced. Slash fuel costs
  • Value-add in reduction of technician time
  • Reduced overtime work
  • LEAN – Less “empty forklift driving”
  • HSE – Screen goes black when forklift moves.
  • Quality control of each job performed
  • No more walkie-talkie usage. Eyes on target!
  • Pull statistics and data based on reports
  • Photo and file functions within the app that follows the job
  • Highly customizable
Lead Technicians place orders for transport via the forklifts and keeps track of them with their device of choice – phone, tablet, or computer – using an intuitive interface.

Orders appear on tablets in the forklifts, and only the forklifts physically capable of fulfilling orders will receive notifications, while the driver closest to the job accepts the order and completes it. Upon completion, forklift drivers easily sign off in EZLogistics with confidence that the order has been successfully fulfilled.

Customer Value. In addition to stress reduction for drivers and shorter response time for AMO requests, efficiency is increased dramatically for the general yard management.

  • There are less forklifts driving without load.
  • Costs are significantly reduced, efficiency maximized, and fuel costs slashed.
  • Forklift response time when order is dramatically down, significantly improving productivity.

Safety representative on base utilizing EZLogistics confirms reduction of noise level in cabin down from dB 86 to dB 66-68 by reducing or eliminating the use of walkie-talkies. When incorporated in the overall logistics schemes on the base contributes to safeguard the personnel, environment, and minimize the harmful impact from overuse of forklifts.

How it works

EZLogistics Forklift is the primary operating application, installed as an PWA mobile app to all tablet devices – attached to each vehicle, or in certain cases – hand-held devices in use by a machine operator entitled to different machine types. Through this app operators receive notifications about new orders targeted to their machine type, they can see details about the order, and take and mark an order when completed. The intralogistics software interface is optimized and self-aligning for better view on portrait-oriented smaller devices (like phones) as well as landscape-oriented larger displays (tablets).

EZLogistics Technician
 is a mobile application, enabling authorized technical and executive personnel to see the current work orders and their status, create new orders, make changes to, or delete existing orders. All from the convenience of their hand-held mobile device, through a simplified and convenient user interface, without the need to login to the full-featured Admin interface from a computer.

EZLogistics Admin panel

This is the web-based administration interface where system administrators and supervisors can manage users and user roles and access permissions, machines, and machine types (forklifts, side or front loaders, and more), as well as create or modify work orders.

EZLogistics is a mature intralogistics software solution that is fully developed and in use at multiple large bases in Norway and UK.

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