Experience Seamless Intralogistics Management with EZLogistics

Welcome to the future of intralogistics management!

With its simple and intuitive interface, EZLogistics software revolutionizes yard operations by enhancing efficiency, control, and performance through advanced digitalization.

Our solution bridges the gap between human expertise and machine precision, providing a seamless communication channel that empowers your workforce and optimizes every aspect of your operations.

Unlock the Power of Digital Intralogistics.


Streamlined Order Creation: Create orders in a matter of seconds, facilitating faster and more accurate workflow initiation.

Yard Efficiency and Control: Manage your yard like never before with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance control and maximize efficiency.

Tablets and Handheld Devices: Our platform is tailored for tablets and handheld devices, ensuring that your workforce remains connected and informed on the go.

Intuitive Interface: The highly intuitive user interface guarantees minimal training and swift adoption, boosting productivity across your operations.

Optimized Forklift Fleet Management: EZLogistics reduces the forklift fleet required for AMO tasks, leading to substantial cost reductions and decreased fuel consumption.

Cost Savings: Enjoy significant cost savings with reduced fuel expenses, minimized technician time, and lowered overtime expenditure.

LEAN Operations: Say goodbye to “empty forklift driving.” EZLogistics optimizes routes and tasks, eliminating wasteful activities and promoting efficient resource allocation.

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Enhanced Safety: Our Human-Safety-Environment (HSE) features prioritize safety by darkening screens when forklifts are in motion and minimizing walkie-talkie usage.

Precise Quality Control: Ensure every job is performed to the highest standards by maintaining quality control and oversight through the app.

Data-Driven Insights: Pull valuable statistics and data from reports to make informed decisions that drive continuous improvement.

Flexibility and Customization: Tailor EZLogistics to your specific needs with a highly customizable platform that adapts to your unique operations.

Effortless Order Management: Lead Technicians effortlessly place and track transport orders using their device of choice—phone, tablet, or computer—via the user-friendly interface.

Smart Order Fulfillment: Orders appear on forklift tablets, and only eligible forklifts receive notifications. The nearest available driver accepts and completes the task, ensuring efficient order fulfillment.

Customer Value Amplified: By minimizing driver stress and reducing response times for AMO requests, EZLogistics drastically enhances yard management efficiency.

Sustainable Operations: Achieve a greener yard with fewer empty forklift trips, reduced costs, and slashed fuel consumption.

HSE Excellence: Safety representatives confirm lowered noise levels by minimizing walkie-talkie use, contributing to a safer and environmentally conscious yard environment.

How it works

EZLogistics Forklift: Our primary mobile application operates as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on tablets, providing operators with order notifications, details, and completion functionality. The interface adapts seamlessly to various devices for optimal viewing.

EZLogistics Technician: This mobile app empowers authorized personnel to manage work orders, create new tasks, and oversee ongoing operations using an intuitive interface accessible from handheld devices.

EZLogistics Admin Panel: The web-based administration interface offers system administrators and supervisors the tools to manage users, roles, permissions, machines, and orders with ease.

Proven Success: Witness the culmination of innovation with EZLogistics – an accomplished, fully-fledged intralogistics software solution. Trusted by major bases in Norway and the UK, our success story expands as we proudly announce our entry into the Caspian region.

Embark on a Future-Ready Journey with EZLogistics: Unleash Optimization, Seamless Streamlining, and Achieve Unprecedented Success.





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