Upgrade and retrofit

Upgrade to 3GHI Protection™ and DECAM™

Our 3GHI Protection™ and DECAM™ are recognized as class leading safety and control systems for diesel engines operating in hazardous areas, but did you know that those systems are also available for installation on existing machines?

Thanks to its flexibility 3GHI Protection™ and DECAM™ systems can be used to replace existing protection and control systems to provide additional functionality, increased reliability and aftermarket support for service and spares.

In recent years JB Safe Diesel completed many upgrades and retrofit projects in cooperation with JB Electro. In some cases, end user wanted additional functionality (I.e., remote control, removing exhaust flame arresters) and in other, existing systems were too expensive to keep in operation as result of limited-service coverage, spare parts availability, or simply nonconformance with current standards, rules and regulations. In all those cases 3GHI Protection™ and DECAM™ systems turned out to be the best solutions from technical and installation point of view.

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safety and Control system upgrade