Zone 2 Diesel Engine Safety System


3GHI PROTECTION™  This is “next level” Zone 2 diesel engine safety system

Our 3GHI Protection system is a bench mark safety protection solution for diesel engines operating in hazardous or potentially hazardous applications. The protection system is fully operational whenever the diesel engine is running with the onboard 3GHI safety controller continually monitoring and collecting data from the dedicated sensors placed around the equipment. If the safe operating limits for the equipment are exceeded the specific sensor alert the 3GHI Protection system which automatically initiates the pre-set safety features/measures that will protect the equipment and the operator.

The 3GHI Protection system meets the requirement for independent protection systems according ATEX directive and EN1834-1 standard.

3GHI Protection™ Zone 2 Diesel Engine Safety System – Standard configuration

  • Engine overspeed protection 
  • Coolant over-temperature protection 
  • Low lubricating oil pressure protection 
  • Exhaust over-temperature protection 
  • Up to 6 dry contacts (programable) 
  • Test mode for protection features 
  • Modbus TCP/IP gateway  
  • 3 x emergency stop inputs  
  • Touchscreen with user friendly interface 

Standard configuration may be extended with additional protection features for different applications  

High safety integrity combined with adaptivity and flexibility

The 3GHI Protection™ system is based on industry leading safety controller which combine high safety and integrity with adaptivity and flexibility. Moreover, system functionality can be expanded and tailored according to the client’s specific needs. Safety parameters, setpoints, alarms and testing modes are visually and functionally available to the equipment operator via the Zone 2 approved touchscreen which is standard issue with our 3GHI Protection™ system.

Key benefits of 3GHI Protection™ Zone 2 Diesel Engine Safety System

  • 100% independent and standalone safety system 
  • SIL 2 fire & gas detection available as an option 
  • Test modes for alarms and shutdown 
  • Capacity for additional and diverse protection features, like transmissions, pumps, compressors etc. 
  • Based on industry leading safety controller with guaranteed aftermarket support  
  • Seamless integration with 3GHI Lite and DECAM systems  
  • Documented design including FMEA  

Delivery options

The 3GHI safety controller and auxiliary electrical devices are packaged inside a dedicated control panel. The control panels can be delivered in the following specifications:

  • For installation in non-hazardous area
  • For installation in Zone 2 acc. ATEX and/or IECEx
  • For installation in Zone 1 acc. ATEX and/or IECEx

The sensors can be delivered as individual items or physically installed on the engine as an integral part of the JB SafePack™ and SafeGen™ products.

3GHI Protection unit

This product is covered by our 3-years warranty

Touchscreen interface for 3GHI Protection™ Zone 2 Diesel Engine Safety System