SafeGen™ Zone 2 diesel generator

SafeGen™ Zone 2 diesel generator – EX Certified generator solutions for hazardous areas.

The SafeGen™ unit is the only mobile diesel driven generator on the market that is fully compliant to CE and ATEX directives. But there is more, we combine our industry leading SafePack™ system together with top quality ATEX alternators supplied by our partner – Marathon Electric to provide a truly exceptional diesel generator package.

Developed by JB Safe Diesel the SafeGen™ product range is our answer to the increasing demand for power generation in potentially hazardous areas. Our SafeGen™ Zone 2 diesel generators are ideal for hazardous area projects requiring the safest possible temporary power generation, or as a permanent standalone generator solution.

The safest “hazardous area” mobile generators on the market

Historically, customers have had no alternative but to settle for non-ex industrial generators, often requiring dispensations that deviated from established and stringent safety norms to perform the operations. With the latest generation SafeGen™, customers can now deploy fully compliant diesel driven generators to provide the safest possible power utilities on future potentially hazardous area applications. No more dispensations and no deviations from established and stringent safety norms. Finally, the step-change is here, with hazardous area compliant power generation solutions without any safety compromises.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help solve your hazardous area power generation needs and avoid dispensations once and for all.

Key Benefits of SafeGen™ Zone 2 diesel generator

  • Power utility ratings from 50 to 700kVA – Custom ratings on request
  • Dual frequency and dual voltage ratings as standard
  • Engines with both mechanical and electronic governing system
  • ATEX/IECEx third party certified alternators from Marathon Electric.
  • Proven designs as used in our SafePack™ product range
  • Includes the industry leading SafeCooler™ exhaust gas cooling system
  • Continuous 24/7 operating mode, thanks to onboard 3GHI Lite™ system
  • Prepared for seamless integration of 3GHI Protection™
  • Custom DECAM™ systems with synchronization and load sharing features
  • Remote monitoring via SafeLink™ available as an option

Delivery Options

All SafeGen™ units are built in Norway for shipment worldwide.

ATEX / IECEx approved generator circuit breakers are available as an option.

Lead time depends on diesel engine and alternator availability. Please contact us for more info.

SafeGen 750

JB Safe Diesel – SafeGen™ 750

BSD SafeGen™ 200VP with cooling package

JB Safe Diesel – SafeGen™ 200

 DECAM™ for SafeGen Zone 2 diesel generator

DECAM interface for SafeGen™ 

This product is covered by our 3-years warranty