Diesel Engine Control and Monitoring System

DECAM™ – This is “next level” diesel engine control system

Our DECAM™ (Diesel Engine Control And Monitoring) is a bench mark control and monitoring system for diesel engines operating in hazardous or potentially hazardous applications.

Certifiable to both ATEX / IECEx standards, DECAM™ system is fully approved for hazardous or potentially hazardous area applications.

DECAM™ features

  • Local start / stop via touchscreen interface
  • Remote start / stop via Modbus, or hardwire signals
  • Local engine speed control via touchscreen interface
  • Remote engine speed control via Modbus, or hardwire signal
  • Maintenance scheduler with reminders
  • Engine warmup and cooldown modes (programable)
  • ECU parameters and alarms readout
  • Integration with 3GHI Protection™ system
DECAM screen

User friendly interface, flexible design, expandable diagnostic integration

We take some pride in stating that DECAM™ was developed in-house by our experienced software engineers. The mission being to make the system as user friendly as possible, utilizing commonly used interfaces as can be found in mobile devices. Furthermore, we were intent on delivering a system that could be easily expandable to control equipment connected to engine flywheel housing. All of this was achieved thanks to our touchscreen interface and unique DECAM™ layered topology. DECAM™ system is available for following applications:

  • HPU’s
  • Crane’s
  • Compressor’s
  • Pump unit’s
  • Generators set’s

Benefits of DECAM™ 

  • Cost reduction – single control system for complete application
  • User friendly interface with active operator guide messages
  • Integration with both electronic and mechanically governed engines
  • Prepared for integration with 3GHI Protection™ system
  • Remote monitoring via SafeLink™ available as an option


Our  DECAMsystems can be delivered as part of SafePack™ and SafeGen™ product range.

Control panel can be delivered in following specifications:

  • For installation in non-hazardous area
  • For installation in Zone 2 acc. ATEX and/or IECEx

This product is covered by our 3-years warranty

Touchscreen interface for DECAM™