Innovative and sustainable solutions for the global energy industry

JB Group is a complete supplier of products and services for the offshore industry. We have very high competence in diciplines like engineering, project managment, electro, automation, hydraulics, diesel power and mechanics.

JB Safe Diesel specializes in diesel engine control and protection for Oil & Gas applications intended for use in Hazardous area. Based on years of experience and expertise supplying innovative solutions in accordance with relevant standards and requirements – Atex, IECEx, NORSOK, DNVGL etc.

JB Systems is a supplier of technology, products, systems, projects and services for the marine and Oil & Gas industry – worldwide. By combining JB Group’s resources and products, we provide our customers with innovative and optimal multidiscipline modifications and solutions.

JB Electro offer installations and systems within electro, automation, instrumentation and telecom for marine and Oil & Gas industry. Including inhouse engineering, manufacturing and certification of switchboards for hazardous area – in accordance with relevant standards and requirements; Atex, IECEx, NORSOK, OLF, DNVGL etc.

JB Well Solutions is a supplier of equipment and services for the well service and offshore industry with special focus on equipment used in Hazardous area. JB Well Solutions have extensive experience and expertise in electrical, automation, diesel and electric powered equipment as well as hydraulic and pneumatic systems.