3GHI Lite™

Flame Arrestor Elimination System


3GHI Lite™ Flame Arrestor Elimination System – Run your diesel engine without exhaust flame arrestors

Our 3GHI Lite™ eliminates the need for flame arrestors (or ‘flame arresters’) on the engine exhaust gas cooler. By removing flame arrestors and the problematic exhaust flow restrictions, 3GHI Lite™ delivers measurable improvement in diesel engine performance and fuel efficiency over the lifetime of the equipment. Thereby, enabling diesel engines to run continuously at optimal performance for extended periods, in turn maximizing equipment utilization and operational up-time when on location. This is value added to your equipment and asset investments. 

Simplicity by design, 3GHI Lite™ uses gas detection and automated valve arrangement which shuts down the engine immediately, once gas has been detected. The automated air shutoff valve closes instantaneously, thus eliminating any potential for gas to migrate further into the engine workings where there can be potential sources for gas ignition 

The 3GHI Lite system consist of: 

  • Gas detector  
  • Trip amplifier 
  • Air shutoff valve 

Industry approved and compliance verified

After a systematic and lengthy testing program, where the 3GHI Lite proved its capabilities with excellent and repeatable engine shut-down responsiveness and exceptional reliability, the system was duly approved by a notified body. The 3GHI Lite system is fully compliant with EN 1834-1 standard. 

Key benefits of 3GHI Lite™ Flame Arrestor Elimination System

  • Allows for continuous diesel engine operation in hazardous/potentially hazardous areas 
  • Optimizes engine performance and fuel efficiency, increases equipment up-time on location 
  • Gas detection loop verified as SIL 2 according to EN 61511 
  • Gas detector self-diagnostic module – no span gas calibration needed before engine start-up 
  • Guaranteed aftermarket support for all components 
  • Seamless integration with 3GHI Protection 

Delivery options

The 3GHI Lite™ Flame Arrestor Elimination System can be delivered together with SafeCooler™, SafePack™ or SafeGen™
Furthermore, the trip amplifier and auxiliary electrical devices can be packaged inside a dedicated control panel.

The control panel can be delivered with the following specifications:
• For installation in non-hazardous area
• For installation in Zone 2 acc. ATEX and/or IECEx
• For installation in Zone 1 acc. ATEX and/or IECEx

The 3GHI Lite™ system can be also delivered as kit for self-installation when purchased together with SafeCooler™, SafePack™ or SafeGen™

3GHI PROTECTION - diesel engine safety system

This product is covered by our 3-years warranty