JB Safe Diesel now offers SafeGen™ diesel generators to packagers

November 10, 2015

The design philosophy of the SafeGen™ including SafeCooler™ and the 3GHI Protection™ safety system is to provide safe and cost effective solutions to the packager.SafeGen™ is designed for a flexible and easy installation providing a reliable and safe operation in hazardous areas for various end customer’s applications.

Dual certification
The SafeGen™ unit is equipped with a diesel and generator package designed for utilisation of 3G applications in Zone 2 areas – ATEX and/or IECEx. Additionally it provides easy integration in accordance with NORSOK Z-015, DNV 2.7-2 and marine approvals.

Diesel Safety System
The SafeCooler™ and the 3GHI Protection™ Safety System are the main components for the 3G diesel conversion allowing the engine to operate in Hazardeous area (Zone 2). This includes the third party approval by Notified Body for running the engine without exhaust flame arrestors.

For use as:

  • Prime Power.
  • Temporary Power.
  • Backup Power.
  • Emergency Power.