Cummins Further Expands Range of Zone 2 SafePack™ Power Units at ONS 2014

August 25, 2014

Cummins Inc. and JB Safe Diesel today unveil the SafePack™ 350C at ONS 2014, the latest addition to the growing range of Zone 2 compliant SafePack™ power units. The units have been specifically designed for use in hazardous areas, where concentrations of flammable gases or vapours may be present. In these environments, a SafePack™ is typically applied to drive compressors, pumps, alternators and transmissions.

The new SafePack™ 350C, incorporates the renowned Cummins QSM11 diesel engine, rated 350 bhp @ 2100 rpm at 40ºC ambient temperature and 445 bhp @ 2100 rpm at 25ºC ambient temperature. The unit is fully compliant with the most stringent environmental and safety regulations, including ATEX 94/9/EC and NORSOK Z-015. Zone 2 certification has been secured by the installation of JB Safe Diesel’s 3GHI PROTECTION™ explosion protection system and the SafeCooler™ exhaust gas cooler.

Commitment to provide safety 

The standard SafePack™ power unit is supplied with diesel engine, water-cooled exhaust gas cooling package and ATEX safety system on a common base frame. It can be extended with a variety of customisable options, including radiator cooling package, air cleaner and battery package.

“We are very excited about the introduction of the SafePack™ 350C, as part of the platform of Zone 2 compliant SafePack™ power units”, says Leon Jenner, Regional Sales Manager Oil and Gas – Cummins Distribution Europe. “The oil and gas market is a key segment for us and the addition of the new SafePack™ model states our continuous commitment to provide safe and reliable Cummins power to the sector.”

In-house developed

The explosion proof SafePack™ 350C includes JB Safe Diesel’s in-house developed exhaust gas cooler, spark arrestor and DNV certified 3GHI PROTECTION™ system. “The 3GHI PROTECTION™ system eliminates the need for an exhaust flame arrestor on the exhaust gas cooler”, explains Arild Anda, Managing Director at JB Safe Diesel. “This results in optimal engine performance, increased system uptime and reduced maintenance costs. The system offers flexible and seamless integration with plant systems, by either hardwired or bus and complies with NORSOK Z-015, up to Safety Integration Level (SIL) 2 according EN 61511, OLF 070 guidelines for IEC 61508 and 61511 and EN 50495:2010.”

The successful SafePack™ product development was established through the formation of a close working relationship between offshore system specialist JB Safe Diesel and diesel engine experts from Cummins. “The first units are already deployed in the field”, says Jenner.

The new SafePack™ 350C power unit is on display at ONS 2014, Stavanger, on Cummins stand O1350/27.