3GHI Protection and DECAM systems with dedicated control panel

Product: Safety & Control

Description: 3GHI Protection and DECAM systems with dedicated control panel suitable for installation in potentially hazardous area (Zone 2). Control panel contains 3GHI safety controller, DECAM controller, power supply module, signal conditioners and connection terminals for 3GHI sensors, safety devices and Engine Control Unit (ECU) installed on the diesel engine. 3GHI sensors and safety devices can be delivered as lose items, or as part of SafePack, or SafeGen product line. At the front, control panel is equipped with 7” touchscreen. User friendly interface gives clear overview about system status and diesel engine operational conditions. Control panel is assembled in certified workshop and is third party approved according ATEX, and/or IECEx certification schemes.

Every control panel is subject to quality control and functional test prior to dispatch.

Control panel Ex classification: II 3G Ex db e nA nC [ia Ga] IIB T4 Gc

Design temperature: 0°C … +40°C

External communication: free voltage contacts, Modbus TCP/IP

Power supply: 110-240 VAC, or 24 VDC

Dimensions / weight: 570x570x220 mm / 20 kg

Diesel engine protection:

  • overspeed protection
  • coolant over-temperature protection
  • low lubricating oil pressure protection
  • exhaust over-temperature protection
  • gas detection in the intake – optional as part of 3GHI Lite
  • low coolant level protection – optional
  • emergency stop

Process protection:

  • process level switch – optional
  • process temperature – optional

Diesel engine control features:

  • local start, stop and throttle control via touchscreen
  • remote start, stop and throttle control via Modbus TCP/IP, or hardwire signals
  • cranking control with automatic starter disengagement and lockup
  • warmup throttle limiting (can be disabled via touchscreen)
  • stop sequence with cooldown timer (can be disabled via touchscreen)
  • pre-defined quick throttle setpoints with dedicated IDLE button
  • emergency stop via panel mounted button, or via 2 x remote emergency stop stations

Graphic interface:

  • engine speed
  • throttle position
  • engine coolant temperature
  • engine exhaust temperature
  • engine oil pressure
  • engine running hours
  • safety devices status
  • alarm messages with 4 weeks log
  • test mode for diesel engine protections
  • parameters from ECU (fuel rate, fuel pressure, charge air pressure, engine load)
  • maintenance scheduler with reminders
3GHI DECAM Control Panel Diagram

This product is covered by our 3-years warranty