Suitcase with spare parts for 3GHI Protection and DECAM system

Product: Service kit

Description: Heavy duty suitcase with field equipment and control components for 3GHI Protection and / or DECAM systems. Every service suitcase is composed to reflect specific system configuration as delivered to client, so all spares are ready when needed. Heavy duty housing and foam filling protect all parts against rough handling.

Service kit is available for aftermarket, or as part of SafePack and SafeGen product line.

Example content:

3GHI Protection spares

  • gas detector
  • speed pickup
  • oil pressure sensos
  • coolant temperature sensor
  • exhaust pressure sensor
  • coolant level switch (optional)
  • air shutoff valve actuator
  • solenoid valve
  • 3GHI controller – programmed.
  • 3GHI Lite trip amplifier
  • speed pickup conditioning module – programmed
  • pressure sensor conditioning module – programmed
  • temperature sensor conditioning module – programmed
  • coolant switch conditioning module (optional)
  • 3GHI safety contactor
  • sensor cable

DECAM spares:

  • controller – programmed
  • PWM throttle module
  • digital input module
  • analogue input module
  • relay output module
Service Suitcase opening and closing animation

This product is covered by our 3-years warranty