SafePack 100VP – Zone 2 power pack based on Volvo Penta D5C-TA marine engine

This product is obsolete however we continue to support spare parts and service.

Product: SafePack™

Engine: Volvo Penta D5C-TA marine

Power output:

  • Keel cooling: 158 HP @ 2300 rpm
  • Radiator cooling: 130 HP @ 2300 rpm

Speed governor: variable speed / hydromechanical

Cranking system:

  • pneumatic – standard
  • electric incl. battery an alternator – optional
  • hydraulic – optional

Exhaust emission: IMO Tier II

Safety system: 3GHI Protection – optional

Control system: DECAM – optional

Ex classification: II 3G IIA T3

Design temperature: +45°C

Destination: Zone 2 potentially hazardous area according ATEX directive

SafePack 100VP

This product is covered by our 3-years warranty