SafeCooler 70 – Zone 2 kit designed for Perkins 1104A-44 engine

Product: SafeCooler™

Applicable for: Perkins 1104A-44

Power rating: 83 HP @ 2400 rpm

Ex classification: II 3G IIA T3

Design temperature: +50°C


  • SafeCooler with integrated flame arrester seat
  • Exhaust flame arrester
  • Intake flame arrester
  • Air shutoff valve – pneumatic


  • 3GHI Lite system to remove need for exhaust flame arresters
  • Spark arrester
  • Electric actuator for air shutoff valve
  • Lockable oil dip stick kit
  • Lockable oil filler kit

Destination: Zone 2 potentially hazardous area according ATEX directive

SafeCooler Generic Picture

This product is covered by our 3-years warranty