Compliance Package For Temporary Equipment

Leading standard for temporary equipment  

NORSOK Z-015 defines the minimum technical and safety-related requirements for temporary equipment used on installations (fixed and mobile) on the Norwegian continental shelf.  

One stop solution for full NORSOK Z-015 compliance 

JB Electro is well known for providing turnkey solutions to make temporary equipment compliant with NORSOK Z-015 standard. We know that different equipment requires different approach according to the standard, therefore JB Electro provides complex solution including. 

  • Full assessment and gap analysis for specific type of equipment  
  • Design proposal 
  • Equipment selection and outsourcing 
  • Equipment installation by qualified personnel  
  • Marking and tagging of the equipment  
  • Documentation to show compliance to third party (notified body) 
  • JB CAMMS Z015 cloud-based assets management system including checklist for dispatch and receiving of NORSOK Z-015 temporary equipment.  
  • Service agreement for periodical inspection and maintenance 

Following systems can be provided by us as part of NORSOK Z-015 compliance package: 

  • Gas detection 
  • Fire detection 
  • Fire fighting 
  • Ignition source disconnection system 
  • Remote shutdown 
  • Interfacing with rig system (rig box)  
  • Signaling (sounder / beacon) 
  • Pressurization 

We offer NORSOK Z-015 solution for both newbuilds and as part of upgrade projects. Installation of the equipment can be done at client location world-wide, or at our workshop in Bryne.

screenshot of tablet with JB CAMMS Z015
3GHI Protection
man instaling electric equipment

Example screenshots and a video of JB CAMMS Z015 in action.